We are Stilettos Boutique

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves...
As spring finally arrives and Stilettos inches towards our eighth year in business, my mom, Christine and I want to take the time to re-introduce ourselves, who we are, what Stilettos Boutique is and what it means to us. 

We are a shoe store turned clothing store but our motto has always remained the same...to help women find something they love and feel comfortable in. We try to have a range of styles and a range of prices for a range of ages. We never want anyone to feel like they cannot find anything when they visit us.  Of course, you can't always find something but we want everyone to leave with the feeling that they will definitely return and find what they're looking for.

We hope to always be a big help, whether it be an outfit for an event, something to freshen up your wardrobe or brighten your day. Our hope is to guide you in the right direction and never push you into anything you're not 100% sure about.

Stilettos Boutique has become our home away from home. We cherish the relationships we have made just from being a neighborhood shop. My Mom and I truly feel like our customers are our friends and we hope that feeling is mutual. We value your business and try to reciprocate the support by treating each and every one of you as if you are in our actual home. You can shop anywhere but you choose to shop with us, and we are forever grateful. 

As the days, months and years go on and we are lucky enough to still be here, we would love to continue to help you get dressed in whatever you are looking for.  We are always ready to offer our styling tips, so we encourage you to bring in clothes from home that need to be matched with something new or you may just need an opinion on it.  We have also helped customers clean out their closets and style items together that they already own.  Whatever you feel your wardrobe may need, we are here to help.

Thank you for your continued business, and we hope to continue to fulfill our duty as your neighborhood boutique.

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