About Us

Mother/Daughter duo Alexandra Euler and Christine Galanopoulos have had their shop, Stilettos Boutique, since May 2010.  Originally a shoe store, in 2014 the two evolved with the times and began to carry mostly clothes with some shoes and accessories.  The duo love dressing women from head to toe and helping them feel good about themselves.  "When you feel great in what you're wearing, your confidence shines through.  We love being a part of that for our customers," Euler says.  Alexandra and Christine work hard to have the latest trends in a variety of price points in order to provide something for everyone.  Not to mention, they pride themselves on customer service.  "If you don't treat your customers the best you can, everything else falls short," Galanopoulos says. Alexandra and Christine are  excited to bring their store and love for fashion online in hopes that fashionistas everywhere will love what they have to offer as much as they do.